The Divvy

What in the world is a Divvy?

It is known in the antiques trade that there are certain, ALMOST MYTHICAL individuals who have a sixth sense for finding special antiques and an ability to tell the genuine from the fake. Someone with such ability is referred to as a Divvy.

We know our own Divvy in England - a friend of 40 years.  He has a warehouse full of treasures, some of which you couldn't imagine the stories behind.

We ask our friend the Divvy to send us items for us to incorporate into our visual merchandising for our brand. We never know what we are going to get. That is for the Divvy to know and for us to find out!

When you create something of lasting value, you put a little bit of your soul into it. People recognize when something has a soul, it becomes special. And over the years people have come to us for those special things.

You can always visit us in Hastings to see these treasures first hand. But if you are not able to come to us, you can shop online in our Online Shop.


Leather Cricket Balls


English leather cricket balls c. 1900
A very British sport
Quite fast
Its name used to infer a sense of fair play; " its not cricket my dear fellow."
Well used
Well oiled
Use as paper weights
Dream about fair play

Victorian Chest of Drawers


Victorian Chest of Drawers with Butterfly Decoupage c. 1800s
Get something over 100 years old
Decoupage it with care
Spend hours making it look magnificent
Transform from old and a little frayed
into something that could last another 100 years
If you like furniture
If you like craftsmanship
If you could be trusted to pass it along to the next generation
Then it is yours

Leather Wrapped Spy Glasses


Antique English leather bound opera glasses engraved with "Prismoid La Capitvante" (c. 1910)
To look into
To bear in to a soul
To look deeply
Stick to opera, self analysis leaves you like Woody Allen!

Wooden Decoy Duck


Antique Carved Wooden Decoy Duck c. 1880 (France)
Carved by hand
Polished by hand
An open heart
An open door
Kept open by our ducky
To pass on the open door the open heart
A reminder to tell a good tale

Allumettes Tin


Vintage white enamel "Allumettes" match box with blue trim from France c. 1910.
Nicely aged
Warm winter nights
Long matches in the allumettes
Sliver of sadness
Ray of hope
Roaring fire

Silverplate Muffin Warmer


Muffin Warmer - Roberts & Belk Ltd. Silverplate Hallmarked c. 1880s (England)
A different sensibility
A different era
A better more gentle time
Nowadays is 7-11 wrapped in greasy paper!

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